Golden City

Howie ordered this chicken after noting the flies, mosquitoes, and cow dung dust. - ok we saw this after eating

Jaisalmer is known as the golden city because all of the buildings are faced with yellow sandstone.
First we visited the Gadsisar Lake the old water reserve that depends on the monsoon rains. Luckily they don’t drink this water any more or even the local people would get sick.

Then on to Jaisalmer Fort a living fort and one of the largest forts in the world. 3,000 people still live in the fort built in 1158 AD.
Inside the fort we visited a Jain temple and wandered the streets.
Just outside we visited 2 old wealthy merchant homes now open as museums.

In the evening, I waisted $20 on another camel ride. Visiting the bigger sand dunes was worth the drive, but I realized later that you didn’t need the camel, you could just walk if the driver had just driven another 5 minutes.
My camel driver was an example of child labor, being taught early to fleece tourists.

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