Back to semi civilization

Amarjeet Tomar, my favorite driver in 8 months

The driver-Amarjeet Tomar- took the scenic back country roads to Delhi – or maybe that is all there is.

With no lunch and 2 toilet stops we finally arrived back at the Delhi hotel.
I took a shower and washed 3 weeks of dirt and dust out of my hair.

That evening I visited ‘Select CityWalk’ an upscale shopping mall. I wanted to see where the people with some money go to shop and play – the other side of India.

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2 Responses to Back to semi civilization

  1. Ram Lakshmanan says:

    Life gets better from now on! 🙂

    – Ram.

  2. Sandra says:

    Actually I kind of miss India. We had the absolute best driver and it was different from my normal life.
    Melbourne is just like an expensive USA city.

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