We did a 12 day small group tour with Intrepid travel. Our tour group of 8 included Scott and Kathy from Canada, John and Jackie from England, and Howard and Linda from Australia. The excellent tour guide was Ahmed Shawki.

The Egyptian people were in general very friendly,helpful, and happy to see the tourist starting to come back.
They all seem to really like Obama.
The street merchants could be too aggressive, but a firm no thank you and purposeful walking seemed to dissuade them.

The monuments were amazing. The climate was hot and dry….I am glad that we went early in the trip, it will only get hotter in the summer.

We never felt any sense of danger from the recent riots. The danger was Egyptian traffic particularly in Cairo.
‘Walk like an Egyptian’ means hold up your hand and jay walk through massive traffic jams. Egypt has more cars and traffic than the road system can handle causing traffic jams with swarms of people crossing in the maze.

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