Golf at St Andrews

It was a beautiful day for a walk both on a golf course and on the beach.

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On to St Andrews

We left one hotel with bad internet just to drive to another one with bad internet.

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Free Day in Scotland

Howard and I drove to .
It was interesting to tour the facility and compare how making whisky was similar and different than making wine.
After lunch in Elgin, we visited , a fascinating piece of Scottish history. Build in the 1200′s it was abandoned during the reformation.

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Last day in Bermuda

Today I took Howie to visit Verdmont.
Then he helped me find a hard box.
In general a slow day.

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Attempt to fish?

Howie unsuccessfully tried to catch a fish for dinner. Then he rode around taking pictures.

I found the last puzzle cache and the last virtual.

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We finally decided the weather was OK to rent scooters from Oleander cycles.
Howie likes the moped just for the excitement of the ride.
I like it only as a mode of transport that gets me places that are hard to get to on the bus.
We road to Dockyards visiting the Gibb’s Hill lighthouse and taking pictures at the golf course and
several beaches. After lunch, Howie abandoned me.

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St George

This morning we took multiple buses to get to the city of St. George. St George is a UNESCO site. It is the oldest part of the island.
We stolled the alleyways, visited St Peter church, and the glass beach of Alexandra Battery Beach.

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Port Royal Golf

Howie took the bus to the Port Royal golf course.
I went to the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.
Then I took the bus to a trailhead for a part of the Bermuda rainway.
This is the old rainroad that has been turned into a rails to trail walking path.

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Trouble in paradise

We woke up to steady rain and wisely decided to skip renting skooters.
So an expensive taxi took us to the bus terminal to buy 3 day passes.
Then on to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.
Howie really enjoyed the science in this well done museum.
Then we walked into town, had lunch, watched the end of the marithon, and caught the ferry from
Hamilton to the Dockyards.
Howie wanted to shop and I wanted to find boxes….so we separated.
I found a box in the Bermuda Maritime Museum, but most finds were jumping on and off the bus at beaches.

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Long drive down the coast

Stunning scenery, but a long day of driving.

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